Where to find property

If you are searching for property in Frankfurt or Germany there are in general 5 sources where you can find them:

  1. Real Estate Agents
    There are big nationwide real-estate firms (e.g. Engel & Völkers, Re/Max or Von Poll). Nevertheless there are also a lot of local agencies which are solely focusing on the area you want to purchase your apartment or house. There are around 2,000 independent real estate agencies in and around Frankfurt. 
  2. Online Platforms
    Majority of the offers from these real estate agencies, the banks, the property managers as well as auctions, can also be found online on real-estate platforms. 
    The biggest platforms are:
  3. Banks
    Banks themselves are also sell or broker properties themselves. Especially local banks like Volksbank or Sparkasse have a good stock of properties from their region they operate. Nationwide banks like Postbank, DKB or Commerzbank also provide property.
  4. Property Managers
    Property managers who are managing big apartment or house complexes are also acting as property brokers. These are mostly local or regional providers, like Foncia. 
  5. Public Auctions
    If borrowers cannot service their property loan, the lending banks can request a public auction with the local court. Depending on the federal state, the auction catalogue is either publicly available or has to be bought through a private company (e.g. Argetra)

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